Blog Post #2 Redesign Rainbows End

Blog Post #2 Redesign Rainbows End


Thought Process/Idea

This theme park is based on Greek mythology with one part of the park being Olympus and the other being the underworld. The right hand side of the map is Olympus and the other side is the underworld.

The shopping area and food court are placed close to the entrance/exit to lure people into them as soon as they enter or go too leave.

Huge statue of Zeus can be seen from afar to guide people back to the centre of the theme park. There are also the two massive mountains that people can use as landmarks to find their way back.

There are places in the Minotaur Labyrinth where people can exit if they give up or get lost.

The park is quite open so that people don’t get too lost, however there are rivers which lead back to the hub if people do get lost.



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