#16 Blog Post: Reflections

#16 Blog Post: Reflections At the start of this class I didn’t know that much about world design or what contributed to world design, however now I feel confident in what it is and what it means. I did not expect there to be so much involved with world design from storytelling, world building, architecture, […]

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#15 Blog Post: Maps

#15 Blog Post: Maps For this blog post I will be discussing the use of maps in Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green (Game Freak, 2004). In this game the player starts off with no map until they complete the first section of the game after which they get a pokemon then a “townmap” off […]

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#14 Blog Post: Atmosphere

#14 Blog Post: Atmosphere For this blog post I will be discussing the atmospheric qualities in Alien: Isolation (Sega, 2014), focusing on what techniques helped to create this atmosphere. This game is a survival horror which means that visual effects as well as audio effects are key to creating a fear inducing atmosphere. The game […]

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#13 Blog Post: Open Topic #2

#13 Blog Post: Open Topic #2 In this blog post I will be discussing world design in the game Thief produced and released by Eidos Montreal in 2014. The game is set in an industrial revolution themed city with towering factories. There is also a hit of medieval and gothic style architecture mixed in which helps […]

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#11 Blog Post: Baked Lighting

  For this activity we had to bake lighting in Maya lighting using new uv sets for the baked information, then export the meshes with the baked lighting to Unreal Engine. We then set up a scene of a cat sitting on a chair. We experimented with directional light and point lights to get different […]

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#10 Blog Post: Pacing

#10 Blog Post: Pacing I chose to make a pacing graph of the game Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine, 2016) as it has decent pacing, though continuous dying does effect it a little bit. This game moves forward quite well though there are times when the player can become stuck either not knowing where to […]

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